In remembrance of a Singapore Patriot – Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (1926 – 2008)

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JBJ’s Anthem for Singapore

Posted by jbjmemorial on October 6, 2008


We got to make it right for Singapore

and let the people have their say once more

The winds have changed the art of blowing

a brand new spirit will be flowing

There will be love and care for everyone

There have been to many wrongs in this our land

But the power to change is in God’s hands

Singapore will have a new dawn

A proud nation cleansed and re-born

Once again we’ll have true liberty

It’s up to you and me to draw the line

and stand by rights that are truly yours and mine

Muster all the strength and courage

The world will surely applaud and encourage

a free and prosperous caring Singapore

Singapore, Oh Singapore, a free and caring Singapore

Singapore, Oh Singapore, how I love you my Singapore

How I love my Singapore, Singapore, SIngapore


The anthem was commissioned for the Workers’ Party and first sung at the Party’s Democracy Day Dinner either in 1985 or 1986. Mr Jeyaretnam was then the member for Anson. The party decided to hold a dinner every day to commemorate Democracy Day – 31st October 1981 – when Singaporeans got their first Opposition Member after 16 years. The first dinner was held in 1982.


Source: Make it Right for Singapore, Speeches in Parliament 1997 – 1999 by J.B. Jeyaretnam


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